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Follow-up on Harold Camping

Last year the web was buzzing with Harold Camping's prediction about the end of the world. Camping's organization spent millions of dollars on various forms of advertisements to warn people of the inpending consummation.

Basics of the Reformed Faith: The Death of Christ
Kim Riddlebarger

As redemptive history unfolds in the Bible, the story of God’s saving purposes takes a number of surprising twists and turns. The New Testament opens with an angel announcing to a young virgin that God’s promised Savior was at long last coming to visit his people with salvation. 

1 / 31 / 2012
Basics of the Reformed Faith: Jesus as Prophet, Priest, and King
Kim Riddlebarger

The diagnosis is not very good: we are ignorant, guilty, and corrupt. But the prognosis is far worse. We are under the curse and face certain death. As fallen sinners ravaged by a threefold consequence of our sins, our hearts are darkened (Romans 1:21) and our thoughts are continually evil (Genesis 6:5). 

1 / 24 / 2012
Basics of the Reformed Faith: Jesus Christ the Covenant Mediator
Kim Riddlebarger

Christians often speak of important doctrines in the abstract. People speculate about election and predestination, the extent of the atonement, and so on, without making any connection between these doctrines and the person and work of Jesus Christ. 

Basics of the Reformed Faith: The Incarnation
Kim Riddlebarger

At the very heart of the Christian faith we find the doctrine of the Incarnation–Jesus Christ, the second person of the Holy Trinity and the eternal son of God took to himself a true human nature for the purpose of saving us from our sins.

8 / 19 / 2011