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Book Review: Longing for God in an Age of Discouragement by Bryan Gregory

This commentary is part of THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO THE OLD TESTAMENT series put out by P&R. In the forward the aims of the series are stated:

Book Review: Magnifying God in Christ by Thomas Schreiner

The book by Thomas Schreiner, Magnifying God in Christ: A Summary of New Testament Theology, is Schreiner’s summary of his earlier nine hundred page work of the same title, published in 2008. The book takes a panoramic look at the entire...

Some of my favorite books
S. M. Baugh

Some of my favorite theological books include . . .

The Law Is Not of Faith

The seminary has received some inquiries regarding a book edited by three of our faculty members, Bryan Estelle, J. V. Fesko, and David VanDrunen, The Law Is Not of Faith.