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MIGS and Liberal Theology

There is a military maxim that states, “Train like you fight, and fight like you train.” To that end, during the 70s and 80s the Air Force had a classified program where they obtained enemy fighters, Russian MIGS. The American pilots who flew these enemy fighters tested them to see how fast, slow, far, and high they could go to give their colleagues vital intelligence on the planes they would fly against. They also engaged US pilots in dogfights so they could practice fighting against the real thing.

Book Review: Above All Earthly Powers by Wells

Above All Earthly Pow’rs is the final book in his 4-volume series, which seeks to summarize all of the previously written material. In his introductory chapter, Wells immediately tells us the point of this final work: “[It is] to be able to say more exactly how Christ, in whom divine majesty and human frailty are joined in one person, is to be heard, and is to be preached, in a postmodern, multiethnic, multireligious society” (7-8). This is the theme that is eloquently and clearly woven throughout all 317 pages of his book.

Horton vs. Olson on Calvinism

This Saturday, October 15th, Dr. Horton will be speaking at Biola University with Dr. Roger Olson. 

Book Review: The Gospel and the Mind by Bradley Green

Tertullian once famously quipped, “What has Athens to do with Jerusalem? or the Academy with the Church?” It seems as if this perennial question must be raised and then answered by every generation in order to respond to the particular objections raised against the truth of Christianity. 

Four-year old Preacher?

Today over at the Huffington Post there's a story about a four-year old preacher. The little boy has established a reputation for himself because he first "preached" when he was two years old.