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Scientists Say We May Be Alone In the Universe

A recent article reveals that science is not as objective as many would like to think. An scientists from Princeton and the University of Tokyo have challenged one of the commonly accepted theories about the possibility of life on other planets. The currently accepted theory presupposes that out of all of the cosmos, ten thousand planets have the proper conditions to sustain life. 

Book Review: Evidence for God by William A. Dembski and Michael R. Licona

Evidence for God, edited by William Dembski and Michael Licona, consists of 50 short essays written by various philosophers, scientists and theologians, all arguing for God in general and the Christian God in particular. The 50 essays are split into four sections: Section one deals with the question of philosophy, section two with the question of science, section three with the question of Jesus and section four with the question of the Bible. Perceived objections to God and the Christian faith in these four areas are dealt with accordingly, with the intention of proving the existence of God and the truth of the Christian faith.

Campus Crusade for ??

Campus Crusade for Christ, the parachurch ministry of Bill and Vonnette Bright, has decided to drop the name of Christ from their organization. You can find the news coverage here. According to the article, nine percent of Christians and twenty percent...

Building the Minister’s Library: Apologetics
John G. Bales

No sooner after worship on the Lord’s Day do we leave our sanctuaries that we find ourselves rubbing shoulders with unbelievers who may ask us for the reason of the hope that lies within us. Others (sometimes believers) may challenge our basic, orthodox beliefs. Are we as church leaders prepared to offer biblical responses? Are God’s people equipped to give proper answers?

Christianity: Vice or Virtue?

The University of California San Diego hosted a debate on March 7: Is religion a problem for society? This question was quickly refocused, however, by the participants. Dinesh D’Souza is president of King’s College in New York and a Christian. Dan Barker, former Pentecostal missionary, now co-president of the Freedom of Religion Foundation describes himself as an “atheistic agnostic”. This was their sixth debate, covering six states, since their visit to Harvard in 2008. Their primary concern: Is Christianity a problem for society?