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Christianity: Did the Tent Just Get Bigger?

How do you define the Christian faith? For nearly two millennia (ok, closer to 1800 years, but then I'm horrible at math) the post-apostolic church has defined the Christian faith by a series of doctrinal beliefs which were set down in the famous Apostles' Creed. It was so named, not because the apostles wrote it but because it summarized their teaching.

The Shroud of Turin and Absurdity

Ever since the resurrection of Christ, there has been a steady drumbeat of claims denying, in one form or another, the veracity and reality of the resurrection. Over the years theories have been offered--the disciples were confused, they lied, they stole the body, they shared a common hallucination, Jesus actually never died, he swooned on the cross, there was a body-double, and on and on.

Book Review: The Reformed Objection to Natural Theology by Michael Sudduth

Is there a place for theistic arguments and evidences in the Reformed theological and apologetical enterprise? Michael Sudduth, in The Reformed Objection to Natural Theology, answers in the affirmative in an irenic, clear, and cogent work devoted to dispelling myths, clarifying positions and salvaging the project of natural theology, which he considers to be a helpful component in Reformed theological and apologetic endeavors.

Reality Distortion Fields and God

Steve Jobs, the technology visionary and acclaimed genius, is famous for changing the way people live. Jobs was part of a team that created Apple Computers, which in many ways, birthed advent of the personal computer.

Book Review: Christian Apologetics Past and Present by Oliphint and Edgar

Though the veracity and content of the Christian faith remain constant in the midst of an ever changing landscape of competing worldviews, every generation must give a fresh voice to that content. And yet so much of the false teaching that the Church faces, even today, has appeared at some point in the history of the Church under some other name.

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