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New Book That Gives Insights About Machen

Here at WSC we're big fans of all things Machen. For those of you who are Machen fans, there is a new book based upon interviews of those who knew Machen personally. 

Latest Faculty Essay Available On-line! Fesko on Machen and the Gospel

When faculty essays are published, they often appear in journals or books, which sometimes can be hard to obtain. If you don't want to shell out for the whole book to get one essay or you don't have access to the journal where the essay appears, then it's tough to get to the piece. 

Latest Office Hours! An Interview with D. G. Hart

In the latest episode of Officer Hours, D. G. Hart, Visiting Professor of Church History at WSC, disscuses his chapter in Always Reformed, the festschrift for our President, Bob Godfrey. 

Book Review: “Right Reason” and the Princeton Mind by Paul Helseth

In my pre-Reformed days at Calvin College, I noticed something unusual in the arguments of those who would assail the full authority of Scripture—they would attack Old Princeton. I knew nothing of Old Princeton. What did they expect me to do? “Oh no, don’t attack Old Princeton—this is between you and me. Leave the lady out of it!”

New Faculty Books!

There are two new books out! The first is Confident of Better Things: Essays Commemorating Seventy-Five Years of the OPC