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Book Review: Charles Hodge by Paul C. Gutjahr
J. V. Fesko

Charles Hodge (1797-1878) is a massive theological giant among a field of Lilliputians, and this is putting it mildly. No American theological professor taught more graduate students than Hodge, well over three thousand. He edited over one...

A Note On Machen’s Death
John G. Bales

Some of the details of J. Gresham Machen’s death on New Year’s Day 1937 are recorded in two excellent biographies by Ned Stonehouse and D. G. Hart. But on a recent trip back to my hometown of Bismarck, North Dakota, I was able to view copies of the Bismarck Tribune for January 2nd and 4th, 1937, at the State Library.

Understanding the Confession: Thomas Watson’s Body of Divinity
J. V. Fesko

The Westminster Standards are an important set of documents that include the Confession, Larger, and Shorter Catechisms. There are a number of helpful resources on the book market that can help a student understand what the Standards teach concerning the Scriptures and the doctrinal truths therein.

Notable Quotable: Ned Stonehouse’s First-hand Description of Machen’s Classroom Presence

The message of Galatians may take on an extraordinary freshness and contemporaneity, especially in an age when the gospel of the grace of God in Christ is undergoing eclipse, as Luther had discovered. 

Understanding the Confession: Ussher’s Body of Divinity
J. V. Fesko

Many who confess the Westminster Standards perhaps do not know how the confession and catechisms were composed. At the time, a common practice in confession writing was to begin with an existing confessional document and proceed to edit, review, and build upon it. This practice was the case with the Westminster Standards.