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Women & Theology: Immutability

As I considered the flux and uncertainty of life, the sharp contrast of the character of the Lord came to mind.

A Pastor’s Reflections: Hide it!

One of the touchiest subjects in the pastorate can be the question about the consumption of alcohol. For some parts of the church, this might not be a big issue, but for others it is significant, especially in the Bible belt.

Women & Theology: A Pastor’s Wife

I did not go to seminary to marry a pastor. In fact, I was pretty scared of the possibility. 

A Pastor’s Reflections: Do you have a nursery?

Reformed churches have a different type culture of discipleship than the broader evangelical world. In general, and there are exceptions, committed Reformed churches promote the importance of catechizing children from the earliest of ages.

Women & Theology: Incarnation and the Cross

Now as a student at a Roman Catholic institution, I have a number of opportunities to reflect upon a theological system very different from my own.