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A Pastor’s Reflections: Migraine Mondays

Few people have the opportunity peer into the life of the pastor—a real behind-the-scenes glance of life in a pastor’s home.

A Pastor’s Reflections: Messiah Complex

One of the great dangers in the pastorate is that a minister might develop a messiah complex. What do I mean? Most well-respected pastors have many people that look up to them for a number of reasons.

Meditations on the Larger Catechism, pt. 19

When I was younger I used to think it would have been nice to be born into a family full of riches. Perhaps you did—or do—as well. Now that I am more mature I am thankful I wasn’t, though. Why?

A Pastor’s Reflections: Never Answer the Back Door

I was probably an exception to the general rule, but I was a single pastor for a while. When the time came for the congregation to announce publically my engagement to the congregation I quickly discovered a new dimension of pastoral life—the back door.

Meditations on the Larger Catechism, pt. 20

We finally come to the glories of our redemption with question and answer 30. Yet I hope you have appreciated this feature of the Larger Catechism.