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Basics of the Reformed Faith: God’s Attributes

Much indeed can be known about God from creation. We know that God is eternal, all-powerful, and good (cf. Romans 1:20). Yet, whatever we learn about God through nature (general revelation), will always be limited by the very nature of revelation through finite created things.

Historical Claims about Union with Christ

In the follow-up to Dr. Horton's recent interview on Christ the Center about union with Christ and justification, he has offered this series of historical observations regarding claims about union with Christ. It's well worth the time to read it!

Bonhoeffer, Theology, and Ministry

When a young seminarian first crosses the threshold of the hallowed halls of seminary, I suspect that he is impressed by his professors. The freshly minted...

Office Hours: Desert Island Books with Joel Kim!

Imagine yourself on a beautiful desert island. You've unplugged from the digital world. No cellphone, no Twitter, no Facebook, no radio, and no TV.

Book Review: Remythologizing Theology by Kevin Vanhoozer

Human talk about God takes effort. God talking to us takes revelation. In this newest entry from Kevin Vanhoozer, the Wheaton professor guides his readers from God’s revelation in Scripture through the primacy of the Triune God as Author to the speaking back of humanity as Heroes, both fallen and Firstborn, faithless failures and faithful Christ.