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Basics of the Reformed Faith: Divine Image Bearers

With the language of the eighth Psalm clearly in mind (“you have made [man] a little lower than the heavenly beings and crowned him with glory and honor” v. 5), Reformed theologian Cornelius Van Til once declared that Adam was created to be like God in every way in which a creature can be like God. 

Bonhoeffer and Patience

In our day people are used to getting immediate results on a number of fronts. You go through the drive-thru to get your fast food in a matter of minutes. The longest minute of the day can be when you punch in “6-0” on the microwave and slowly watch each second tick by. 

Book Review: The Reformed Objection to Natural Theology by Michael Sudduth

Is there a place for theistic arguments and evidences in the Reformed theological and apologetical enterprise? Michael Sudduth, in The Reformed Objection to Natural Theology, answers in the affirmative in an irenic, clear, and cogent work devoted to dispelling myths, clarifying positions and salvaging the project of natural theology, which he considers to be a helpful component in Reformed theological and apologetic endeavors.

Basics of the Reformed Faith: Jesus as Prophet, Priest, and King

The diagnosis is not very good: we are ignorant, guilty, and corrupt. But the prognosis is far worse. We are under the curse and face certain death. As fallen sinners ravaged by a threefold consequence of our sins, our hearts are darkened (Romans 1:21) and our thoughts are continually evil (Genesis 6:5). 

Bonhoeffer and Assassination

Dietrich Bonhoeffer is well known in Christian circles for his famous book, The Cost of Discipleship. Thousands of Christians have read this book and been impacted by Bonhoeffer’s call to take up one’s cross and eschew what he called, “cheap grace.”