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Changes to Westminster’s Campus Over the Past 25 Years

As I was walking around campus today and going into the front office I was thinking about all the changes that have happened to this beautiful place over the past 25 years or so. Most of the current students and maybe some of the more recent graduates probably had no idea where things used to be or what used to occupy a given space. For the sake of reminiscing here is a list that I came up with. (If anybody can, please let me know if there are things I got wrong things or things I forgot!)

Notable Quotables: Thomas Watson on Adoption

Adoption is a greater mercy than Adam had in paradise; he was a son by creation, but here is a further sonship by adoption. To make us thankful, consider, in civil adoption there is some worth and excellence in the person to be adopted 

Luther’s wife of stone

If I were ever single again, I would have an obedient wife carved out of stone; otherwise I despair of ever finding obedience in any woman.

Listen in on the conversation!

If you happen to live near by the seminary, you have the opportunity to sit in on two different classes: English Bible Survey and Reformed Confessions, both offered on Wednesday evenings beginning in February and running through early May.

Unity and Division

In the 1960s and '70s there was considerable debate concerning the doctrine of the church in the United Kingdom. It was an agonizing and perplexing time, and recent events have reminded me of it.