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Dennis Johnson on Preaching

One of the things we hope to do on a regular basis at the VFT blog is to feature the work of our faculty. Today we have a sample of Dennis Johnson's wonderful work on preaching, Him We Proclaim: Preaching Christ from All of Scripture.

Book Giveaway! Dennis Johnson on Preaching

Here at VFT we are excited because we're having our first book giveaway! Yesterday we featured a sample chapter of Dennis Johnson's Him We Proclaim. We're going to be giving away three copies to our readers. Here's how the giveaway will work. 

Machen Conference Today!

There's still time to register! The conference starts this evening. If you're not in the area, then you can catch the live-stream of the conference! We hope to see you here.

Notable Quotables: Fisher on Law and Gospel

Now, the law is a doctrine partly known by nature, teaching us that there is a God, and what God is, and what he requires us to do, binding all reasonable creatures to perfect obedience both internal and external, promising the favor of God, and everlasting life to all those who yield perfect obedience thereunto, and denouncing the curse of God and everlasting damnation to all those who are not perfectly correspondent thereunto.

Horton’s Systematic Out in the Wild!

Dr. Horton's new Systematic Theology has been spotted out in the wild! You can order your copy by contacting the bookstore here