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Notable Quotable: Machen on Christianity and Liberalism

Machen once observed, "Here is found the most fundamental difference between liberalism and Christianity—liberalism is altogether in the imperative mood, while Christianity begins with a triumphant indicative...

Luther on Lust and Love

Martin Luther makes this keen observation regarding the nature of lust, though it certainly says something about hygiene in the sixteenth century! But the converse is also true--love requires action and volition.

The Three Bobs

Here at WSC we fondly refer to our first three presidents as the "three Bobs"--Robert B. Strimple, Robert G. den Dulk, and W. Robert Godfrey! If we are to keep with tradition, our next president must be a Bob!

The Kingdom of Christ in 1 Samuel

Whether you're serving as a pastor or working full time in a secular field, one thing that I hope we have in common is devotion to the church of Jesus Christ. Preaching recently from 1 Samuel 24 was a helpful reminder to me of the nature of Christ's kingdom as we now experience it in the church. Perhaps a few reflections on this chapter of Scripture may be of encouragement to you as you labor for the church in various ways.

Quitting Church

Some interesting things have happened over the last 18 months to justify my sense that contemporary evangelicalism is literally unchurching the churched. Admittedly, it's an odd conclusion, but it is supported by a number of developments. Not only has there been a decline in the percentage of professions of faith in American churches during the megachurch era; numerous studies over the last few years have documented a massive decline in the knowledge of even the basics of Christian faith and practice among professing believers.