Westminster Seminary California
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Living at WSC


Housing is one of the most basic concerns of every new student relocating to Escondido to attend Westminster Seminary California. While on-campus housing is in WSC’s future plans, the Office of Admissions makes a concerted effort to provide extensive housing resources for our students.

Below is an overview of the resources available to assist students in their search for housing as well as helpful insights pertaining to the moving process. Although WSC does not currently provide on-campus housing, there are ample housing opportunities within close proximity to WSC, including apartments, condos, and homes. The Office of Admissions maintains an “alternative” housing list which provides listings of rooms, guest homes, condos and homes for rent from private owners seeking to rent to seminary students (usually associated with local churches). Once a student is admitted to WSC, he or she is added to an email listserv through which the Office of Admissions provides updates to all alternative housing listings.

Local Apartments

There are numerous apartment complexes within reasonable walking and driving distance from the WSC campus. Several of these local complexes have had WSC students in the past and we have an informal working relationship with them. Others are places where students have lived recently and would recommend. While WSC makes every attempt to keep this list updated, the student should verify the accuracy of all information provided on the following lists.

Alternative Housing

The Office of Admissions maintains an ongoing list of local rooms, guest homes, and houses for rent through private homeowners. Access to these postings is available to all admitted students by means of an email listserv.

Purchasing or Renting a Home

Due to family needs, some students prefer to either rent or purchase a home. Listings for apartments, condos, and homes for rent from local homeowners are available to all admitted students as part of the alternative housing list (see above). The Office of Admissions can recommend realtors in the area who have interest in serving incoming students as they look for a house to rent or purchase

On-Campus Housing

Westminster Seminary California recognizes the importance of providing safe and affordable housing options for our students. With this in mind, we are currently in the planning stages of a student housing project which will provide on-campus apartments for both single and married students.

Please return to this page for updates on the progress of this exciting project.


As a service to admitted students seeking a roommate or shared housing situation, Westminster Seminary California maintains a list of interested individuals as part of the alternative housing list (see above).

Moving to Escondido

Here is some helpful information for you to consider as you plan your relocation to the area.

Change of Address

As soon as the new student arrives in the area he/she should notify the Office of Admissions of his/her new address and contact information.

Driver's License and Vehicle Registration

The State of California requires all new residents to obtain a CA driver’s license within 10 days of relocating to California and register their vehicles within 20 days of relocating. Failing to comply with either of the above will result in monetary penalties through the CA Department of Motor Vehicles.

For more information on policies for new CA residents as well as helpful links, visit: http://dmv.ca.gov/newtoca/newtoca.htm

Escondido Services at a Glance

If you’re new to the area, the City of Escondido website provides a brief overview of local services.

Local Attractions

Escondido is centrally located in southern California. Only 25 miles from San Diego, 15 miles from the Pacific coast, and 100 miles from Los Angeles, there are a wide variety of things to do in and around Escondido.

Please direct any additional questions to the Office of Admissions.