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Directed Studies (Fall or Spring)

Beyond Calvin: Union with Christ and Justification in Early Modern Reformed Theology (1517-1700)
Galatians: Lectio Continua Commentary on the New Testament
Infralapsarianism in Calvin, Dort, and Westminster
Jesus and the Old Testament Tabernacle
Justification: Understanding the Classical Reformed Doctrine
Last Things First: Unlocking Genesis 1-3 with the Christ of Eschatology
Songs of a Suffering King
The Fruit of the Spirit is...
The Law Is Not of Faith: Essays on Works and Grace in the Mosaic Covenant (co-editor)
The Rule of Love: Broken, Fulfilled, and Applied
The Theology of the Westminster Standards
What is Justification by Faith Alone?
Where Wisdom is Found: Christ in Ecclesiastes
Word, Water, and Spirit: A Reformed Perspective on Baptism

He has written essays and articles in various publications, including:
American Theological Inquiry
Calvin Theological Journal
Confessional Presbyterian
Evangelical Quarterly
Faith and Mission
Journal of Reformed Theology
Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society
Justification: A Report from the Orthodox Presbyterian Church (contributor)
Mid-America Journal of Theology
Ordained Servant
Pro Rege
Puritan Reformed Journal
Scottish Bulletin of Evangelical Theology
The Reformed Theological Review
Trinity Journal
Westminster Theological Journal
4/24/2015 - Majesty of God Conference
HT516 Theology of the Sacraments
HT610 Union with Christ
HT615B Reformed Confessions & Catechisms
ST532 Justification
ST610 Union with Christ
ST615B Reformed Confessions & Catechisms
ST640 Theology of Baptism
Course descriptions are available in the WSC Catalogue.