Institute of Theological Studies

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Westminster Seminary California is a member of the Institute of Theological Studies, cooperating with other evangelical seminaries in offering lecture courses through audio recordings .

How It Works

Each course must be taken under the supervision of a resident faculty member. ITS courses are a special category of directed research. A form available from the Registrar must be completed, signed by professor and student, and submitted at the time of registration. A maximum of seven semester units of ITS courses may be applied as elective credit to the M.Div. and M.A. programs. ITS courses may not be used in lieu of required courses except by special action of the Faculty.


The tuition charges for ITS courses are the same as for other courses offered by the Seminary. Students will also need to purchase the required books and audio recordings.


Students who have been admitted to the Seminary (except those admitted as Special Students) may register for ITS courses prior to beginning their on-campus work if their cumulative undergraduate GPA was 3.0 or above. A student interested in taking an ITS course should consult the Registrar.

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