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Presidential Search

Westminster Seminary California seeks its fourth president in the history of the institution. The seminary seeks a president who will possess excellent leadership abilities, personal integrity, and theological conviction consistent with the heritage that includes a commitment to the authority of the inspired and inerrant Word of God and to the seminary’s doctrinal standards.

The Presidential Search Committee is in the process of reviewing nominations and applications. Please continue to pray for the important work of this committee as it seeks to discern whom the Lord will call to be the next president of WSC.



October 14, 2016

From the Board of Trustees

In September 2016, Dr. W. Robert Godfrey informed the Board of Trustees of his plans to retire as president of Westminster Seminary California (WSC) in the summer of 2017. The Board of Trustees has asked Dr. Godfrey to continue his involvement as President Emeritus and as a teacher.

The WSC Board of Trustees is deeply appreciative of Dr. Godfrey’s loyal service and long tenure as president. “We are extremely grateful,” said Mr. Ronald W. Prins, Chairman of the Board, “that Bob will have a continuing role in the life of the seminary.”

W. Robert Godfrey, who just turned 71, became president in 1993, following Robert G. den Dulk from 1988-1993, and Robert B. Strimple from 1982-1988. As the third president of the seminary, Dr. Godfrey has guided the faculty and staff through decades of substantial growth, while preserving WSC’s unswerving fidelity to Scripture as summarized in the Reformed confessions.

The current 2016-17 academic year marks Dr. Godfrey’s 24th year as president and his 43rd year of teaching. He began teaching church history at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia in 1974, prior to commencing his teaching career at Westminster Seminary California in 1981.

Dr. Godfrey’s tenure as president has witnessed many changes at WSC. The seminary has experienced growth through the construction of new classrooms and the chapel building, received gifts to endow two faculty chairs, granted more than 1,100 theological degrees, and currently boasts a library collection of more than 60,500 book titles. Dr. Godfrey has overseen the hiring of a world-class seminary faculty of churchmen-scholars who have published more than 70 books and 700 articles. Recently, Westminster Seminary California has nearly doubled the size of the campus from 10 to 19 acres of land in San Diego County, California.

Although many things have changed during his tenure, the important work of preparing pastors for the church has, by God’s grace, continued in WSC’s commitment to Scripture and the Reformed confessions, academic excellence, service to the church, and preparing church planters, missionaries, and educators who serve around the world.

As Dr. Godfrey has observed, “Front and center at this institution is the inerrant Scripture and the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. We look forward to the Lord continuing to use and bless our seminary, not as an end in itself, but because we look forward to Christ glorifying himself through the work of the church and through the preaching of the Gospel.”

Westminster Seminary California is dedicated to its founding mission of preparing pastors for Christ, his Gospel, and his Church. A presidential search committee appointed by the Board has begun its work. The search committee seeks prayer in this important process and echoes the sentiment of Dr. Godfrey, “We look back with gratitude and we look forward with hope. WSC has become a seminary not only for the west, but for the nation and for the world.”