Westminster Seminary California
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The Yokefellows

The Yokefellow Program is a program of the Board of Trustees comprised of a strong, committed base of donors who give $1,000 or more annually to WSC, for the purpose of furthering our mission to prepare pastors for the next generation.

In Philippians 4:3, the Apostle Paul appealed to one “yokefellow” who partnered with him in the cause of Christ. Christians, too, are yokefellows, sharing the task and supporting each other shoulder to shoulder in preparation for an abundant harvest.

Experience the satisfaction of coming alongside others in preparing pastors who will preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to the next generation.

Become a Yokefellow today!

To learn more about becoming a Yokefellow, call the WSC Advancement Department at (760) 480-8474 ext. 130 or 131, or email us at development@wscal.edu.

The concept of gathering a certain number of donors to commit to give a minimum amount ($1,000) annually developed as a way to generate a strong support base in a short period of time. The idea was to pull people together as the backbone of support for the mission of WSC. Thus, the Board of Trustees created the Yokefellow Program…The Yokefellow Program today is still the backbone of support for WSC.“ -Robert G. den Dulk, President Emeritus (April 2007)