Westminster Seminary California
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Resource Center
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Enrich your understanding of Reformed theology by taking advantage of the sermons, articles, interviews, and conference lectures by WSC faculty. VIEW RESOURCE CENTER
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The WSC library is filled with all the resources you need to complete your coursework, prepare for sermons and Bible studies, and stay informed of the latest issues facing the Church today. VIEW LIBRARY
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The WSC Bookstore supports the study of theology by offering textbooks, Reformed classics, and books authored by faculty and alumni at discounted prices. VIEW BOOKSTORE
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The WSC Blog is dedicated to addressing important issues facing the Church today by featuring news and commentary from WSC faculty. VIEW BLOG

Faculty Publications:
WSC faculty have authored over 60 books and 600 articles.

Audios and Videos:
Sermons, lectures & interviews with faculty and guests speakers

Houses over 120,000 titles.
Member of ATLA (American Theological Library Association)
Full texts of seminal works from the Reformation and post-Reformation eras.

Textbooks, Reformed classics, and books authored by faculty and alumni offered at discounted prices.