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Book Review: A Gracious and Compassionate God by Timmer

Daniel Timmer, the Canadian theologian, just finished his volume on Jonah called, A Gracious and Compassionate God, from the New Studies in Biblical Theology series. Timmer attempts to give a biblical theological account of the book of Jonah through the lenses of three themes: Mission, Salvation, and Spirituality.

Faculty Conference Preview: Johnson

In what way is the Bible a unified document? Come to our annual faculty conference on January 13th and 14th, 2012, to hear the lectures offered by our faculty.

Ten Thousand Hours?

What does it take to be successful? For many in the church the assumption is that great preachers are born, not made. One of the reasons that likely feeds into this assumption is that the Scriptures speak about the office of pastor as Christ's gift to the church (Eph. 4.11-12). 

Congratulations Dr. Horton!

Christianity Today has announced their annual Book of the Year Awards. And this year, Dr. Horton's systematic theology, The Christian Faith: A Systematic Theology for Pilgrims on the Way, has won the book of the year under the "theology / ethics" category.

Book Review: God Incarnate by Crisp

In God Incarnate, Oliver Crisp continues his program of pursuing an analytic theological method in addressing questions of Christology. Crisp employs the analytic method in order to discover the logical interconnections of specific doctrinal points. He insists that reason is used as an instrument and as a handmaid to theology.