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Our New Blog

Many viewers of Ken Burns’ series on the Civil War, broadcast on PBS, were very affected by readings from various letters written by soldiers from the battlefield to family members at home. The letters were amazingly literate, eloquent, and full of allusions to Scripture and history.

Marilynne Robinson and Secularism

Recently I read a paragraph which was a rather minor annoyance, but which illustrates for me a big problem in our society: namely the freedom many secularists in America feel to treat a Christian point of view with great disdain and a profound sense of superiority.

Lost in Translation

When many people think about reasons for learning Hebrew and Greek, often the first (and maybe only) reason is to better understand those weighty doctrinal passages. How can you understand John 1:1 without a firm grasp of Colwell's canon? How can you study the meaning of the verb tsdq without understanding the declarative/delocutive use of the piel and hiphil? And I do not want to disparage such reasoning. Doctrinal clarity and the ability to defend it are aspects of my WSC education that I highly cherish and seek to impart through my teaching. But as I reflect on teaching old, dead languages, I would submit that one of the reasons for learning Hebrew and Greek is to help cultivate a lifelong fascination with and love for God's Word.

Video Preview of Christianity and Liberalism Revisited

We just posted our video preview of our upcoming faculty conference, Christianity and Liberalism Revisted, January 14th and 15th, 2011. 

Notable Quotables

Here at the VFT blog we will be featuring a regular column called Notable Quotables that will feature thoughtful and insightful theological observations by Reformed theologians, past and present. One of the things we emphasize at WSC is learning from the theological giants of the past. Any time we come to the Scriptures, we have to realize that God through Christ and the Spirit has sovereignly gifted preachers and teachers of the church with ability to understand and communicate the wonderful treasures of God's truth.